Virtual Document Clerks

Virtual Assistants & Document Clerks

Outsource Case File Management & Organization

Spend more time practicing law, and leave the paperwork to our skilled virtual document clerks! Our team can manage case files and keep your clients’ documents in order with virtual filing and mailing, file and systems organization, opening new client files, case file maintenance (includes returning them to the client after the case closes), and basic case research that is not legal in nature.

The Back Office Legal team has over 30 years of experience serving law firms and attorneys. Our knowledgeable and skilled team of virtual document clerks understand and ensure your files meet state-specific requirements.


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Team Members

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Electronic Filing & Organization

Case File Maintenance

Virtual Legal Assistants

Basic Case Research

Benefits of Working With Us

Increase Your Billable Events & Optimize Case File Management

The work your Virtual Document Clerk does is a billable event, but it can be expensive to hire these professionals in-house. Outsource your case file management and electronic filing and organization efforts to Back Office Legal to keep your overhead costs and risk low, while experiencing the benefits of skilled case file management. 

Back Office Legal works exclusively for attorneys and law firms, and our document clerks provide best-in-class virtual assistant services. Our team provides a seamless working experience by connecting to your Desktop Cloud server, VPN or Remote Business.

Electronic Filing & Organization

Our team will organize and manage all aspects of electronic filing and document management for your firm, including virtual filing, mailing, and recording.

Detail-Oriented Virtual Assistants

Our virtual assistants are very detail-oriented and organized, providing support that you’ll quickly find you cannot live without.

Maintaining Case Files

We will provide comprehensive support with case file management, such as opening new client files, downloading documents to the files, and returning files to the client.

Basic Case Research

For cases that require research that is not legal in nature, our clerks can help! Outsource the legwork to our experienced law firm professionals to free up more of your time to practice law.


What Our Clients Say

Back Office Legal has more than 30 years of experience working with law firms and their clients. Having a specialized focus in legal client intake and customer service means that we understand your area of law and know the right questions to ask. 

The Back Office Legal team is professional, knowledgeable, and highly capable of keeping your case files in order and ensuring your attorneys have all of the documentation they need to prepare for trial.

Susan & Meagan are a fantastic duo that provides the best quality work on behalf of my firm that I could imagine. I can't recommend them and Back Office Legal enough.

brian walters headshot
Brian Walters Brian Walters Law Firm

I am the Firm Administrator for a firm that currently uses Back Office Legal for all of our Accounts Receivable needs. They provide exceptional service at a fraction of what it would cost to hire an in-house AR Manager. Accounts Receivable, collections, etc. can be difficult to navigate.

chris deen headshot
Christopher Dean Firm Administrator

I am a solo Houston family and criminal defense attorney who hired Susan to help with my firm’s account management; including intake, client screening, retaining, financing for my clients, advance fee deposit collections, billing, and trust accounting. Before meeting Susan, these areas of my firm were taking up too much of my time as a solo attorney. Sadly, I would often only run billing once I needed to pay bills. I never knew how much revenue I had at any time and my clients were frustrated by the lack of consistent billing. I was frustrated by the lack of potential clients calling my office and the overwhelming task of running a law firm by myself. Something needed to change or my firm would never grow. I didn't know it at the time, but what my firm was missing was Susan Manns.

matt tyson headshot
Matt Tyson Matt Tyson Law

Susan Manns worked for my law firm for many years. During that time, Susan was exceptionally skilled in her engagement with both the firm’s clients and prospective clients. Her management of our evergreen trust program and AR, along with her work in our client intake department were highly effective and valuable. If my firm needed to contract for support in these areas in the future, Susan would be the first person we would call.

Sands McKinley CEO, McKinley Irvin