Best Practices for Legal Process Outsourcing

Working with a legal process outsourcing team can provide your law firm with numerous benefits. However, ensuring you hire the right team to take on the job is not a simple task. While you may have plenty of options when it comes to this back office help, you want to ensure you find the right team for the job.  

That is why in the below guide, we will not only walk you through how legal process outsourcing can help your law firm but also the best practices you need to watch out for when it comes to hiring a legal process outsourcing company. 

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Legal Process Outsourcing — How It Can Help You?

Legal process outsourcing refers to a law firm or business obtaining legal support services from an outside firm or a legal back office support team.

For many, this law back office support will not only help free up time, but it can also be a substantial cost-saving measure since you will be reducing your team’s workload, cutting costs, and using professionals that can ultimately save you money while maximizing output in the process. 

Evaluate the Reliability of the Outsourcing Company Before Hiring Them

Although there are a number of law back office support teams available for you to choose from, you need to make sure you evaluate the reliability of the company before you hire them. There is nothing worse than putting your trust into an outsourcing company only for them to quit on you last minute because they got a client that paid better. 

Consequently, to ensure the outsourcing company is ready to support you and your team, you need to look into their processes, review how the team handles their work, listen carefully to the way management talks to their employees, and check out their formal methods to determine if the outsourcing team will be a good fit for your firm. 

Check Out Reviews of the Outsourcing Team You Want to Hire

Another great way to determine if the legal outsourcing company will be ready to provide you with the help you need is to check out reviews left by other customers. This can often provide you with detailed insight into how the company manages its work, the type of output they produce, and whether they are skilled enough to handle your legal processes.

Review the Company's Background and Training Practices

The point of hiring an outsourcing team is to reduce your workload as well as help you avoid making tragic mistakes, releasing client information, and missing critical deadlines. That is why, when you hire an outsourcing legal team, you want to make sure you hire a team that knows what they are doing.

For these reasons, it is beneficial that you question the company on their background, the type of work they have done in the past, and their training policies so you know whether their employees will be able to help you get ahead and avoid costly errors. 

Work with an Outsourcing Team That Can Be Flexible

When you hire a team to handle your law firm’s back office, you want to work with professionals who are ready to help you in times of emergency, whether that means during regular working hours or after-hours when businesses are closed. If you hire a team that only works during a set time period, you will be left handling critical issues yourself or trying to find a last-minute fill-in that could delay your work or result in expensive mistakes. 

As a result, it is always important to check with the outsourcing team what their working hours are and find a team that can ensure your law office and clients are adequately taken care of. 

How Can Back Office Legal Help Your Back Office Needs?

At Back Office Legal, we not only help large and small law firms with their back office services and client management needs to improve their operational efficiency and revenue, but we ultimately become a part of your firm, helping you succeed in all aspects of your job. That is why when you hire us we:

  • Provide you with a responsive customer service team
  • Are there when you need us
  • Get you the expert help you need to grow your firm and achieve your goals


Plus, with over 30 years of experience helping law firms get ahead, we know what it takes to handle client intaketrust collections, billing, and even soft collection calls. Better yet, by letting us handle this work for you, it not only free’s you up to do what matters most, such as securing future clients and tackling the legal work itself, but we will also save you  40% of the costs you would spend to employ staff to take on these roles. 

If you want to know whether legal process outsourcing is right for your firm,  contact Back Office Legal today and find out how our team of experts can help you. 


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