Legal Back Office Outsourcing: What Does a Virtual Legal Clerk Do?

Most law firms today hire law clerks to perform many of the clerical and administrative duties in the firm. These clerks not only help with the mundane tasks in the law office, but they can also help with legal operations, ensure documents are sorted and distributed properly, schedule appointments, and even respond to client concerns and questions.

Unfortunately, for many small and mid-size law firms, hiring a law clerk can get expensive and may just not be feasible, especially if there is not enough work to justify paying for a clerk full-time. Thankfully, using a virtual legal clerk can solve many of these issues.

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General Law Clerk Duties

In general, a law firm will hire a law clerk to:

  • Maintain litigation materials
  • Organize documents
  • File, copy, and assemble packages
  • Assist with document drafting
  • Conduct calls to gather client information
  • Input material into the firm’s system to make sure all the details are accurate
  • Draft legal documents and presentations
  • Research issues

What Types of Tasks Can a Virtual Law Clerk Handle?

While law clerks can help lawyers get ahead with their daily tasks, not every law firm can afford to hire a clerk. Fortunately, hiring a virtual legal clerk can not only make a law firm more efficient, but they often cost significantly less, allowing more firms to get the help they need.

The tasks and responsibilities virtual law clerks often handle include:

  • Research and writing
  • Data entry
  • Bookkeeping
  • Accounting services
  • Email management
  • Answering phones
  • Social media management
  • Setting up client appointments


However, depending on the firm and the type of law they practice, these duties can include many other tasks and responsibilities.

The Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Legal Clerk

Outside of getting work done for a law firm, hiring a virtual legal clerk can provide law offices with countless other benefits, such as helping the firm:

Save Time and Money

When a firm hires a virtual legal clerk, these clerks can help attorneys get ahead by taking on tasks that often tie them up and prevent them from focusing on more critical issues, such as securing new business. As a result, these law clerks can help a firm save time and money in the process.

Provide Better Customer Service

Virtual law clerks can keep a firm’s clients updated regarding information about their case. This can help free up a firm’s staff, allowing them to focus on other tasks while ensuring that clients get the attention their case deserves.

Handle Administrative Tasks

A virtual law clerk can handle tasks that the rest of the firm just does not have time to complete, such as document distribution, copying tasks, and even answering client phone calls. More importantly, these virtual law clerks can take on these tasks as needed, ensuring firms are not wasting money on an employee when they do not have enough work to keep them busy.

Work With Back Office Legal and Get the Help You Need

At Back Office Legal, our team has been providing back office support to law firms for over 30 years, including help with a firm’s:


However, we have also been helping law firms with their case files by providing them with virtual paralegalsvirtual clerks, and legal assistants. This allows attorneys to get assistance with things such as conducting research, collecting case information, preparing reports, drafting correspondence, getting important statements and affidavits, plus so much more.

What’s even better is working with these virtual law clerks allows firms to keep their overhead costs low while still obtaining the benefits of hiring a skilled case manager.


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