FAQs About Back Office Solutions for Law Firms

When it comes to relinquishing control of certain business functions and tasks, businesses, companies, and even law firms are incredibly hesitant to do so. Yet, the reason behind most of this hesitation often has to do with the unknowns and the misunderstanding associated with outsourcing. 

That is why to clear up some of these misconceptions and uncertainty, we have prepared the following article. In it, we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions that law firms often have regarding back office outsourcing. We hope with this information, you have a better understanding of what these services entail, the specific tasks that lawyers often outsource, and how back office outsourcing can help your firm.

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What is back office outsourcing?

A back office generally refers to the work that supports the front office. For instance, in a law firm, the back office relates to jobs that are not done to provide legal advice, but rather they are vital to the proper functioning of the firm. For instance, human resources, finance and accounting departments, and IT services are critical parts of a back office.

As a result, back office outsourcing refers to a common practice where the back office functions of the law firm or organization are outsourced to a third party specializing in handling these services.

What do lawyers outsource?

When it comes to legal outsourcing, law firms and lawyers often tend to outsource the following types of services:

  • Administrative tasks, including daily administrative jobs such as invoicing, scheduling, bookkeeping, and taking phone calls.
  • Marketing, often related to search engine optimization (SEO), social media services, and email marketing.
  • Medical record retrieval
  • IT services
  • Legal Writing and research
  • Document review


However, this list is not exhaustive of all the tasks that an experienced legal outsourcing vendor can help you with. That is why if you are considering outsourcing your legal back office, you should speak with an outsourcing company that can help you figure out what specific tasks you can outsource.

Can legal services be outsourced?

Legal outsourcing has been going on for years. But law firms and legal professionals only recently are discovering how beneficial this can be for their business, especially when it comes to freeing up their time and saving money in the process.

What back office services do lawyers need?

Unfortunately, when it comes to the legal field, lawyers and others in the profession are often expected to work long hours and do everything on their own. However, this old-school mindset is finally beginning to change, and more and more firms are refusing to sacrifice their relationships and personal time to complete tasks that have nothing to do with practicing law. 

That is why today, law firms are frequently looking for help with the following back office services:

  • Reception and intake services
  • Billing and collection services
  • Human resource tasks
  • Trust accounting services
  • Coaching and firm growth services

Why do law firms outsource?

Although it may seem more beneficial and tempting for a law firm to do all the services their business requires themselves, in the long run, this “do-it-myself” mentality can actually end up impacting their ability to run a successful business and robs them of valuable time they can use to grow their firm.

However, when law firms give up some of this control and begin to outsource their back-office legal operations, it not only frees up their time and resources, but it can also reduce their costs and allow them to work with professionals that can ensure these tasks are handled with the utmost care. In fact, outsourcing can even help the firm improve its efficiencies and processes.

How outsourcing these services can benefit your law firm?

The legal industry is an incredibly competitive field. Every day more law firms are setting up shop, and with one Google search, individuals requiring a lawyer will have hundreds to choose from. 

That is why to succeed in this competitive environment, a law firm needs to find ways to stand out, cut costs, improve services, and make their firm better. Fortunately, with an experienced legal back office outsourcing company on their side, such as Back Office Legal, they can receive all this help plus so much more. 

At Back Office Legal, our teams have the experience and resources to support small and large law firms, especially when it comes to their back office services and client management needs. In fact, our teams have not only have helped countless clients improve their services and increase their revenue, but we have become more than a contractor for these firms, we have become a part of their business. 

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