How to Develop & Grow Your Family Law Practice

If you are considering developing and growing your family law practice, you need to realize that, unlike other types of law, family law cannot rely on repeat clients. As a result, it is important that you bring in new clients continuously if you want to ensure your family law practice proceeds to flourish year after year. 

That is why in the below guide, we will go over the specific things you should consider doing, including some practical tips and techniques, if you want to develop and grow your family law practice. 

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1. Market Strategically

When it comes to marketing for a family law firm, it is crucial that you find a way to reach potential clients. This may mean that standard marketing techniques, such as networking events, may not be the best way to secure these types of clients. Rather, you want your firm’s name to be visible in areas where your clients may be, such as directories, google searches, and social media avenues.

For these reasons, if you want to attract more clients to your family law firm, you may want to consider:

  • Optimizing the website for search engines
  • Post valuable videos
  • Create engaging content through blogs to help answer questions and concerns
  • Grow your social media presence 
  • Getting reviews from previous clients


However, if you can figure out creative ways to market your firm, you can not only speed up the process of building an effective and professional brand, but you will also be able to maintain your credibility and secure new clients in the process.

2. Use Technology Effectively

Another way to build your family law practice is to use technology to help streamline processes and automate repetitive tasks, such as online credit card payments, client intake, and client portals. In fact, law firms that use technology effectively are better able to achieve high-velocity growth faster. 

For instance, improving your website can help clients find you and ultimately choose your firm that much more quickly. As a result, it is worth your time and effort to make sure your website:

  • Portrays an accurate reflection of your practice
  • Lists your latest accomplishments
  • Is easy to navigate
  • Presents services your firm offers clearly

3. Be Responsive to Clients

One of the best ways to grow as a firm is to establish a solid relationship with your clients. For these reasons, one thing you can do even as you are starting out is to be responsive to your clients, which means returning their calls, answering their questions, and not making them wait days before they hear back from you. 

This will not only help you establish a strong image in the community, but by providing your clients with quality legal services, they are more likely to refer you to others that are looking for a family law lawyer. 

4. Identify Your Niche and Highlight it

You need to remember that there are countless family law lawyers that are ready to offer their services to the same potential clients you are trying to secure. Consequently, if you genuinely want to be able to acquire clients over other law firms, you need to figure out how to stand out. That is why it may be worthwhile to figure out your niche and highlight that for others to see. For instance, some law firms focus on only helping men or women or fighting on behalf of specific rights. 

To determine your niche, you may want to consider the type of cases you usually work on or what makes your law firm different from others and focus on these differences when promoting your firm. 

Fortunately, when you discover this niche, you do not need to make substantial rebranding changes. Instead, as long as you highlight it on your website and through your marketing efforts, it will help you get your point across and help you stand out amongst the competition.

5. Outsource Your Back Office

While you may think that hiring workers when things pick up is the necessary next step, it may not be the best solution for your firm, especially when you are trying to minimize costs. Thankfully, you can take care of this issue by outsourcing your back office or delegating certain tasks to a team of experts outside your staff, such as:


By allowing professionals to handle these tasks for you, not only will you be able to maximize your ability to serve your clients and your firm, but you can reduce costs in the process, provide services that will really wow your clients, and offer customized solutions that will soon help your firm stand apart from the other firms. 

Let Back Office Legal Help Your Family Law Practice

At Back Office Legal, we are more than just an outsourcing firm. We will become an extension of your law firm, providing the help and services you need to assist you as you continue building and growing your family law practice. 

With over 30 years of experience, our team can help you streamline operations, create an efficient business, and help you expand in the process. 

If you want further information about how our team can help your firm grow, contact Back Office Legal today and learn what our team of back office experts can do for you. 

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