Six Tips to Improve Your Law Firm's Customer Service

No matter what industry you are in, customer service is critical to your ultimate success, and law firms are no exception. Unfortunately, many law firms do not spend enough time improving their customer service and, as a result, suffer significantly, losing clients in the process.

Fortunately, if your customer service process is lacking, not all hope is lost. There are things you can do right now to change this scenario, improve your customer service standards and create an environment that will help you keep clients for years to come. To get you started, we will go over six tips you should start implementing to help improve your law firm’s customer services. 

smiling law firm receptionist talks on headset

Tip 1: Review Your Current Client Services

Before you start implementing any changes into your client services process, you want to go over your current methods. For starters, you will want to review the following:

  • How you gather information about clients
  • What are your steps in gathering client information
  • How is your staff trained on client services, and do they understand its importance


Once you review these questions, you will want to break down your client services operations and look for areas that need improvement. 

Tip 2: Develop a Proper Client Intake Process

Your client’s journey often begins with the client intake process, so it is usually a good idea to make sure this part of the process flows smoothly.

Generally, this part starts when a client calls your firm or fills out a form on your website. That is why it is critical that your online forms work and that you hire a person that is prepared to handle these calls. This means having a receptionist that is pleasant to talk to, has an abundance of patience and understands that your law firm is client-focused.

Tip 3: Make Sure That Clients Are Called Back Within 24 Hours

If a client calls, you want to ensure you return these calls within a reasonable time, which usually means within 24 hours. Even if you do not have an answer to their question, you should still call them back and check in with them, so you can show them you are being responsive and assure them that they are important to your firm.

Tip 4: Ensure Clients Are Updated Frequently

As a law firm client, nothing is worse than not knowing what is going on with your case. For these reasons, one of the best things you can do to improve your law firm’s customer service is to set up guidelines regarding case updates and inform clients during their consultations what they can expect from your law firm when it comes to keeping them informed regarding their case. 

You should also go over with them the different types of communication you use and which ones they prefer, whether that is email or calls. Once they confirm, you may want to use this style with them going forward.  

Tip 5: Use Technology When You Can

Technology is one of the best ways to improve your law firm’s customer service. Not only can it streamline your processes and make it easier to have proper relationships with clients, but you will also be able to stay in touch with your clients more frequently, have an easier time following up with them, and ensure they receive the best customer service they can from your firm.

Tip 6: Use Legal Back Office Services To Improve Customer Services

Another great way to improve your law firm’s customer services is to use legal back office services to maximize the services your firm provides. When you work with an experienced team that can handle and streamline your back office operations, not only can you improve revenue and operational efficiency, but you can ultimately improve how your clients feel about your firm.

For instance, at Back Office Legal, we not only support large firms, but we can also help small to mid-size firms with their operations, including:

  • Going beyond for clients and offering them the services they deserve.
  • Providing clients with excellent communication and updating them frequently.
  • Coming up with customized solutions to meet client needs.
  • Providing professional legal answering services.
  • Handling legal intake and closing new clients.


Contact Back Office Legal Today for More Information Regarding Our Services

No matter how much time you invest into your firm or how good you are as an attorney unless you have clients, you will not be able to do much with this talent. However, to get clients and keep them happy, you need to make sure your firm has a sound customer service system in place.

Fortunately, with Back Office Legal, you will not have to figure out this system on your own. For more information regarding our back office services and how they can help your firm and clients, contact Back Office Legal today for a free consultation, and find out how our professionals can help your firm reach its goals.   

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