Top Five Tips for Law Firm Marketing in 2022

Attorneys know that marketing their practice takes a lot of work, especially online, where a Google search of lawyers in the area can leave potential clients with hundreds of choices to choose from. 

That is why if you are looking to generate more business in 2022 with your marketing strategies, check out the following five tips that can be critical for your firm. 

1. Add More Quality Content to Your Law Firm Website

If you want to create more leads in 2022, it is crucial that your law firm adds fresh content consistently. Not only can this help improve the level of trust you have on Google, but it can also mean you will improve in rankings. Plus, some of this content will help attract more links to your website, also improving your standing on Google.  

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In addition, the more type of content you add to your site, the more potential keywords can be found by potential clients and, as a result, generate more leads. 

Yet, before you start putting any type of content on your firm’s site, you should also keep in mind that not all content is the same in Google’s eyes. For example, low-quality blog posts or thin content can negatively impact your rankings, hurting how many people see your site. 

For these reasons, before you start posting or fixing your website, you should reach out to experienced marketing experts who understand how blogs and search engine optimization (SEO) works and can get you the content you need to ensure you get the website traffic and the leads your firm wants.

2. Make Sure You Have a Social Media Presence

Providing new content every month is only half the battle to making your law firm’s presence known. To attract new clients through online advertising, you have to also expand where you reach these clients, and in today’s age, this means social media. 

Yet, figuring out which of these platforms is best for your firm may take some work and research. However, the results can be worth it, primarily since social media advertisement can substantially improve your firm’s growth and provide you with access to potential new leads.

For example, you may want to consider:

  • Setting up Facebook advertising campaigns
  • Creating a strong LinkedIn page for your law firm, and 
  • Starting up conversations on Twitter. 

But keep in mind that before you start posting or offering advice on these platforms, you need first to verify the ethical rules surrounding these advertisements.

However, if this whole process seems beyond your expertise, do not worry. When you work with an experienced law firm marketing specialist, you will not have to handle this process on your own. Rather, these specialists can create appropriate content that works for your firm.

3. Consider Adding a Chatbot

One thing that top firms are optimizing on is adding a chatbot to their websites. Not only does this help you reach more potential clients, but it can also generate a solid amount of leads every month. However, before you choose just any bot, it may be beneficial to look for ones that can control the flow of dialog between the chatbot and the visitor. 

Yet, if you are unsure what this means or how these bots can help your firm, it may be best to speak about them with marketing experts who can help you figure out which bot is best for your legal team.

4. Look into Adding Reviews to Your Site

No matter how amazing your website looks, potential clients may not give your firm a second look if you do not have solid reviews.

In fact, studies show that almost 89% of clients would only consider hiring a law firm if they had four stars or higher. As a result, if you do not have solid reviews or even enough reviews, you can lose out on getting potential cases. 

That is why reviews will be extremely important to your marketing plan in 2022, and obtaining authentic solid client reviews should be a top priority. This means you should start asking for an online review at the close of every case, primarily if the client is happy with your services. Just make sure your request is compliant with the advertising rules of your state.

In addition, if you notice a negative review, this does not necessarily mean your law firm is doomed. Instead, you need to look into responding to the individual’s feedback directly and appropriately.

5. Get Involved in the Community

If you want your law firm’s name out there in 2022, you should get involved with the local community, as this can have numerous benefits. For instance, this can improve your firm’s perception in the community, lead to media exposure, help you generate links to your website and even get you the attention you want from potential new clients. 

How Can Back Office Legal Help You with Your Marketing in 2022?

When you hire Back Office Legal to help you with your marketing, you can not only go back to focusing on practicing law and growing your firm, but our talented experts can handle your whole marketing scheme for you, including your SEOs and digital marketing. In addition, we help firms of all sizes make it easier to reach potential clients and provide these clients with the answers they need when searching for specific legal services. 

Our specialists will also maintain your firm’s website and listings across the internet while making sure you stay relevant. Plus, we can help you create solid content, tailored social media posts, informational articles, and even infographics that will help build your website’s ranking and promote your business.

If you want to improve your law firm’s marketing in 2022, contact Back Office Legal today for more information or to speak with our marketing experts on how we can help you.

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